Japan leg 1

Days 1-3: Iwamizawa to Hakkoda

Days 4-6: Aomori & Lake Towada

Days 7-9: Lake Towada to Yamada

Days 10-13: Yamada to Sendai

Days 14-17: Sendai to Hattori Highlands

Days 18-20: Rest Days at British Hills

Days 20-22: British Hills to Nikko

Days 23-25: Shioya to Tokyo

Video: Leg 1, Hokkaido to Tokyo

Clare’s thoughts: Mostly Random

Japan leg 2

Days 29-33: Tokyo to Ikumi

Days 34-38: Ikumi to Sukumo

Days 39-43: Saiki to Cape Sato

Days 44-52: Cape Sata to Fukuoka

Clare’s thoughts: Japan in Summary

South Korea

Days 53-59: Busan to Jeomchon

Days 60-63: Jeomchon to Seoul

Days 64-67: Seoul, Seoraksan & Incheon

Clare’s thoughts: South Korea in Summary

China Leg 1

Days 69-74: Lianyungang to Nanjing

Video: Raw China

Days 75-79: Nanjing to Huangshan

Days 80-88: Huangshan to Suichuan

Days 89-94: Suichuan to Ting Shui Wai (Hong Kong)

Clare’s thoughts: On Preconceptions

Hong kong & Macau

Days 95-109: Hong Kong & Macau, on to Zhuhai

China leg 2

Days 110-120: Zhuhai to Beihai


Days 124-132: Siem Reap to Battambang

Days 133-141: Battambang to Bangkok

Clare’s thoughts: Cambodia in summary


Days 142-150: Chiang Mai

Days 151-157: Bangkok to Loei

Days 158-163: Loei to Nong Khai

Clare’s thoughts: Thailand in summary


Days 164-173: Vientiane to Luang Prabang

Days 174-180: Luang Prabang to Oudomxay

Days 181-184: Oudomxay to Mengla (China)

Video: Cycling South East Asia

Clare’s thoughts: Laos in summary

China leg 3

Days 185-192: Mengla to Mosha

Days 193-198: Mosha to Panzhihua

Video: Raw China, Take 2

Days 199-208: Panzhihua to Emeishan

Days 209-218: Emeishan to Ya’an

Days 219-227: Chengdu, Jiayuguan & Urumqi

Days 228-239: Urumqi to Khorgas

Video: Western China

Clare’s thoughts: What I think of when I think about China


Days 240-247: Khorgas to Almaty

Days 248-255: Almaty to Bishkek

Clare’s thoughts: Kazakhstan in summary


Days 256-281: Waiting in Bishkek

Days 282-284: Bishkek to Kochkor

Days 285-290: Kochkor to Kazarman

Clare’s thoughts: After one year on the road

Video: Raw Kyrgyzstan

Days 291-295: Kazarman to Osh

Clare’s thoughts: Kyrgyzstan in summary


Days 296-305: Osh to Murghab – Pamir Highway

Days 306-313: Murghab to Khorog – Pamir Highway

Video: The Pamir Highway

Days 316-325: Khorog to Dushanbe

Days 326-337: The Fan Mountains

Clare’s thoughts: Tajikistan in summary


Days 338-347: Dushanbe to Bukhara

Days 348-361: Bukhara to Aktau (Kaz)

Clare’s thoughts: Uzbekistan in summary


Days 362-370: Baku to Seki

Days 371-376: Seki to Tbilisi (Ge)

Clare’s thoughts: Azerbaijan in summary


Days 380-385: Tbilisi to Batumi

Clare’s thoughts: Georgia in summary


Days 389-393: Batumi to Unye

Video: Raw Turkey

Days 394-401: Unye to Goreme

Days 402-404: Time off in Cappadocia

Days 405-415: Goreme to Alanya

Days 416-428: Alanya to Fethiye

Days 429-436: Fethiye to Afandou (Gr)

Clare’s thoughts: Turkish delight


Days 437-458: Rhodes, Crete & Santorini

Days 459-470: Naxos, Paros, Milos to Athens

Days 470-489: Sailing the Greek Islands

Days 490-496: Lavrio to Paleros

Clare’s thoughts: 18 months on

Days 497-501: Paleros to Sarande (Alb)

Clare’s thoughts: Greece in summary


Days 502-510: Sarande to Durres, via Tirana

Clare’s thoughts: Albania in summary


Days 512-518: Bari to Napoli

Days 519-527: Napoli to Montopoli in Sabina

Days 528-535: Montopoli in Sabina to Florence

Days 536-545: Florence to Malcesine

Days 546-556: Malcesine to Monetier les Bains (Fr)

Video: Crossing the Alps

Clare’s thoughts: Italy in summary


Days 557-568: Monetier les Bains to Carcassonne

Days 569-583: Carcassonne to Toulouse

Days 584-590: Toulouse to St Medard en Jalles

Days 591-603: St Medard en Jalles to St Nazaire

Days 604-613: St Nazaire to Arromanches

Days 614-620: Arromanches to Dieppe

Clare’s thoughts: France in summary


Days 621&622: Newhaven to Rudgwick


Video: Japan to England in 6 minutes

A small postscript…