Video edit – Cycling South East Asia


4 thoughts on “Video edit – Cycling South East Asia

    • Thanks Tess! We just use our point and shoot Canons for the video, mine’s a G16 and Clare’s a SX600. I just put it together on Movie Maker that comes with Windows. Our computer isn’t powerful enough to run a quality video editing program (and I wouldn’t know how to use one!)


  1. Bless you Andy. Having debate with Diarmuid and a friend we are with in Barcelona..both photography addicts after go pros and they were trying to convince me it would be essential for my trip to Cambodia..I win 😃

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    • Haha! We did have a GoPro for a few years, which I used a fair bit in the past for skiing etc, but never replaced it when it broke. Pretty much any point and shoot camera takes very decent video now, so we didn’t really see the need for a new one. POV footage never looks as fast/steep/high as you think it is anyway!


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