Days 23 – 25 Shioya to Tokyo

August 23-25 Shioya, tochigi prefecture to Tokyo 170km

At the end of our last blog post I said we’d be pitching a tent and camping at the michi no eki in Shioya. Well, that didn’t happen. At all.

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Days 20-22 British Hills to Nikko

August 20th – 22nd British Hills to Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture 149km

After a few very restful and enjoyable days at British Hills, it was time to move on. We had almost achieved ‘regular’ status in the pub and our waistlines were expanding by the hour. It wasn’t all indulgence, we did manage to get a few important admin things done too. We cancelled our Japanese cellphone contracts, booked a ferry from Japan to Korea and reserved an appointment at the China visa centre to hopefully secure our visas next month.

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British Hills…

August 19th. British Hills, Fukushima Prefecture

So since our last post, we’ve cycled precisely zero kilometres. We have however consumed many thousands of calories in great food and drink. (We’ll start burning that off tomorrow!) We’ve spent a few days living the high life at British Hills. Our friend Natu really hooked us up and scored us a free room and use of all the facilities.

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Days 10-13 Yamada – Sendai

August 10th – 13th. Yamada to Sendai. 254km

We took advantage of the auto campsite facilities to cook a nice breakfast and had a relaxed start. I was also talking to an old boy from Kobe who was travelling around Tohoku on his Honda Super Cub. He was full of interesting stories of his travels in Japan both on the Super Cub and on foot. As we left, he passed us a few packs of curry sauce to add to our food stash. We really have been overwhelmed by the kindness and generousity we’ve experienced so far.

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