Days 110 – 120 Zhuhai to Beihai

December 12th Р22nd.  Zhuhai to Beihai. 716km

Leaving Zhuhai, we didn’t really have much of a plan. Obviously, we’d be heading west, but the only real deadline was that we hoped to reach the Vietnam border by the 29th or 30th which gave us quite a leisurely schedule. The first job was to get ourselves out of the very industrial Pearl River Delta area in Southern Guangdong and back into the countryside.

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Days 95 to 109. Hong Kong, Macau & Zhuhai

November 27th to December 11th 84km

It feels like we’ve been off the bikes for a long time! Having a couple of weeks off in Hong Kong was a welcome break, and the longest we’ve stayed in one place since we left Hokkaido back on August 1st. Sam and Shell were such kind hosts and made us feel totally at home in their place in the New Territories. Even with working and bringing up their 5 month old daughter, they still had time to show us round, hang out and cook us some delicious meals. It was hard getting back on the road again!

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