A small postscript…..

This is Felix. He was along for the ride with us as a passenger for the last few months of our trip.

He’s an adventurous little chap, and his Mum is an absolute boss. He’s already travelled thousands of miles on two wheels, crossed the Alps, climbed mountains, wild camped and even had a few hours on skis. We’re looking forward to him taking us along for the next big adventure!



Oh, and Clare’s beer was alcohol-free. Cheers!

Japan to England in 6 minutes…

I’d noticed that so many of the photos on our blog were taken by me, looking towards Clare riding ahead. (There were over 1,200 similar photos!) I decided to put them all together into a kind of slideshow/timelapse. It’s quite jumpy and a bit long, but I kinda like it. In just under 6 minutes it gives a pretty cool view of the ride:

18 Months On

Just over 18 months since we said our goodbyes to our home and headed off into the unknown, ok maybe not the first day (we went just down the road, to one of our favourite lakes) but afterwards it was the big start to our adventure we’d been thinking about for 3 years. Now here we are today, a whole year and a half later with the end very much in sight. We have never had an end date, we always told people the trip would be 18 months to 2 years. We have given the month of June as an estimate of our return but we’re not 100% sure. We shall see!

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Fan Mountains

With 2 weeks until our Uzbek visas started we had some time on our hands. Tim and Claire had already mentioned they were planning a trip to the Fan mountains, so we invited ourselves along. Once at Vero’s, she helped look at the numerous options for a 4 day trip.With this information we decided to head for Alauddin lake. We left early (ish) Sunday to head to the taxi area on the outskirts of town. The main road was closed off as next week was the celebrations for 25 years of independence, they were practising for the parade. We managed to get into a shared taxi which took us out to the main bus/taxi place. Even before getting out of the car a 4×4 taxi driver was at the window asking where we wanted to go. We negotiated a price to get to Alauddin lake and we were on our way. Much quicker and easier than we had expected.

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One Year on the Road

I’m sure for anyone starting their cycling tour there is a big count down until the day they leave. For us, we had the idea for our trip around three years before we set off, we hosted numerous touring cyclists in Hokkaido, gathering lots of useful information, and we did a few smaller trips in Japan before the big off. Now it is a whole year on since we said goodbye to our apartment in Iwamizawa and our friends we had many fun adventures with in Japan. And what a year it’s been. There have been so many amazing experiences leading to it being one of the best years, but also one of the worst years with losing my Dad. With great loss it can put life in perspective, to try and live every day and make the most of this one opportunity we have. I have tried as best I could to do this.

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