Some thoughts…… mostly random

September 15th 2015

As most people have guessed (I’m not sure how) it has been Andy who has written the blog up till now. He is far more articulate and to the point, making for a better read. I am very good at talking about emotions and feelings though so I wanted to write a post to reflect on my experience of the trip so far.

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Leg 1 Video Edit

West Sussex, UK. September 6th 2015

It took about 11 hours to get all the way back to England. It’s too easy by plane. Next time we arrive back in the UK, it’ll be after a much longer journey! I’ve flown between Asia and Europe so many times over the past 30 years so I can’t wait to actually see what’s in the middle part!

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Days 10-13 Yamada – Sendai

August 10th – 13th. Yamada to Sendai. 254km

We took advantage of the auto campsite facilities to cook a nice breakfast and had a relaxed start. I was also talking to an old boy from Kobe who was travelling around Tohoku on his Honda Super Cub. He was full of interesting stories of his travels in Japan both on the Super Cub and on foot. As we left, he passed us a few packs of curry sauce to add to our food stash. We really have been overwhelmed by the kindness and generousity we’ve experienced so far.

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