Fan Mountains

With 2 weeks until our Uzbek visas started we had some time on our hands. Tim and Claire had already mentioned they were planning a trip to the Fan mountains, so we invited ourselves along. Once at Vero’s, she helped look at the numerous options for a 4 day trip.With this information we decided to head for Alauddin lake. We left early (ish) Sunday to head to the taxi area on the outskirts of town. The main road was closed off as next week was the celebrations for 25 years of independence, they were practising for the parade. We managed to get into a shared taxi which took us out to the main bus/taxi place. Even before getting out of the car a 4×4 taxi driver was at the window asking where we wanted to go. We negotiated a price to get to Alauddin lake and we were on our way. Much quicker and easier than we had expected.

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