Days 142 – 150 Chiang Mai, by train.

March 1st – 9th Bangkok & Chiang Mai, Thailand

We had a hectic day rushing around Bangkok before we headed up to Chiang Mai on the train. We cycled up to Bok Bok Bike, a known and respected bike shop among touring cyclists ( It seems like most tourers get their bikes serviced when they come through Bangkok and Bok Bok is a name that crops up a lot on blogs and journals. Sure enough, when we arrived at the shop and were waiting for them to open at 2:30pm (their opening hours are somewhat random!) we met two other cyclists from Holland, Geart and Sytske. They’d cycled through Asia a couple of years ago, then stopped in Australia for a year to work, and are now returning to Europe, via Myanmar, China and Central Asia. We may well run into them again in China or the ‘stans.

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