Days 512 to 518. Bari to Napoli.

March 6th to 12th. 331km

We took an overnight ferry from Durres (or Durazzo as it’s know in Italian) over to Bari in Puglia, on the heel of the Italian boot. It was easy enough getting tickets then getting through the terminal with the bikes and on to the boat, they didn’t bother x raying our panniers. We had 300 Lek left overt in Albanian currency, which they wouldn’t accept onboard, so I ran down to the shop in the terminal to buy a few beers. They were 80 each, so I couldn’t quite afford four. I asked for three, but the guy said ‘Four beers, my friend’ and took the rest of my coins. A little gesture, but it left me with a nice final impression of Albania.

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