The Pamir Highway 2 – Murghab to Khorog. Days 307 – 313

August 13th to 19th 445km

There isn’t a whole lot to do in Murghab, but we re-stocked our food supplies at the bazaar and had a couple of decent meals. The Pamir Hotel is a strange place. After a week of isolation, suddenly we were surrounded by European tourists arriving by 4×4, motorbike or bicycle. It was especially busy as Murghab was hosting an annual horse festival that weekend. We went down to check it out as we were leaving. We ran into Kim the Korean cyclist, as well as Frenchies, Tim and Claire who were shooting video for their documentary. Being animal lovers (and vets) the festival was right up their street, but we were happy just to watch a couple of rounds of a horseback ‘kiss chase’ type game before hitting the road. And just as we did, we ticked over 13,000km.

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Kyrgyzstan Summary

We spent 48 days in Kyrgyzstan in total but 27 of those were just in Bishkek waiting on visas. We had cycled straight into Bishkek the same day we crossed the border, so our first impression of the country was only based on the city. We had heard mixed things about Bishkek but overall we really enjoyed our time there, we just were there too long. If we had realised that our visas would take so long then we would have gone off and done a small trip. Oh well we can’t change that now.

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